BJP MLA Ram Kadam tweet Sonali Bendre is dead

BJP's MLA Ram Kadam tweet  Sonali Bendre is dead ?

The news of Sonali Bendre's cancer spreading from then onwards, his fans are hurt. As with every actor who happens to be hospitalized in hospital, Sonali Bendre also happened and news of his death spread to the Internet.

Fake News market is hot like these days, people accept everything that is read on the internet, in such a situation, if any official or leader or actor has any fake news share, then there would be enough to be convinced Are there.

Sonali Bendre's death has been shared by MLA Ram Kadam. If you do not remember about this BJP MLA, then let me know that this is the same MLA which talked about getting the girls up for marriage and also said that if the boys do not accept the house, then they also have to go to Ram Kadam Come on, they will definitely help the loving boys.
BJP's MLM Ram Kadam tweet  Sonali Bendre is dead
BJP's MLM Ram Kadam tweet  Sonali Bendre is dead

This BJP MLA had tweeted in Marathi and informed that Sonali Bendre has died from cancer.

Shortly after giving false reports about the death of Sonali Bendre, Ram Kadam tweeted in English on his Twitter channel, "What was said earlier about Sonali Bendre ji was a rumor. I pray to God to be good health and fast good.

With this, news of Sonali Bendre's death started spreading on Whatsapp too.

Actually nothing like this has happened. Sonali Bendre is doing cure for cancer in New York and for two days where news of her death is spreading, two days ago, Sonali Bendre posted a new look video in Instagram. This kind of message starts to be viral on the internet spreading news of any actor's death. But believe that if any such news comes, then it will also be confirmed. If you believe any messages that come to such internet, it will not be right.

The news of the death of many stars like Kader Khan, Farida Jalal, Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan etc. has come to light in this junk of Fake News, but all are alive. As far as Sonali Bendre is concerned, she is constantly active on Instagram and her information can be taken from any of her fan Instagram. It is very easy to believe in whatever fake News is like, but it is also easy to investigate.

If you want to know about any such news, first do it Google. If you find similar information on many websites on Google, it would be a bit easier to believe that if a video is being viral then check it before making sure.

The date of such a video will not be recent. These videos are 1 month old in case of Sonali Bendre. Like child stealing video on Whatsapp, there are viral videos that are not true.

It is not necessary that the news read on a social media handle is correct. Most of the lining is happening in India due to this reason. It is hoped that people will understand what is thrown and what not.
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