What is Doctor Fish Spa Therapy? Health benefits of Fish Spa Therapy

What is Doctor Fish Spa Therapy? Health benefits of Fish Spa Therapy

History of Doctor Fish

Garra rufa, the red Garra (although it's additionally referred to as Doctor fish, and nibble fish) may be a little species of cyprinid that's native to rivers, streams, ponds and lakes in Anatolia and also the West Asian regions.

Since the early twenty first century, Garra rufa are integrated into a spa treatment wherever they feed on the stratum Conium skin layer of patients with disease of the skin. Whereas the Doctor fish treatment has been found to alleviate the symptoms of disease of the skin, the treatment isn't curative, and no cure for disease of the skin presently exists. The use of the fish as a spa treatment for the broader public continues to be wide debated on grounds of effectively and validity.

What is Doctor Fish Spa Therapy?

Have you ever thought that fish can eat you? It would seem strange in reading, but accept the truth that this happens too. Some people give fish to eat some part of their body i.e. the feet. Do not be afraid, the fish eats the dead but not the dead skin. Yes, the Doctor Fish spa is a place where fish are used to remove dead skin from the feet.

Generally, the razor (blade) is used to remove the dead skin in the pedicure, while this fish is done in fish pedicure. We will know about the benefits of this natural pedicure.
What is Doctor Fish Spa Therapy? Health benefits of Fish Spa Therapy
What is Doctor Fish Spa Therapy? Health benefits of Fish Spa Therapy

Health benefits of Doctor Fish Spa Therapy

1. This foot spa removes dead skin from the feet and makes them shiny. Fishes eat bacteria and dead skin from the feet, so that the skin of the feet becomes very beautiful beforehand.

2. Doctor Fish spa is quite comfortable. Whenever you want to get very tired and rest your feet, then immediately move to nearby Doctor Fish spa.

3. When the feet are inserted into fish tank and the fish attack the feet and start feeding the skin then the mind feels very good. This just happens because at the same time, our brain starts to emit a substance called endorphin, which makes us feel a pleasant feeling.

4. If you have a fish named Gerat Rafa in your fish tank, the skin will be of great benefit. This fish removes the mouth, called dysthnol, as enzyme, saliva from which new cells are produced.

5. One big advantage in the benefits of Doctor Fish spa is that it not only softens the feet, but also removes itching and stains.

6. It also cures blood circulation in the body. This makes a big difference in skin and the color of the leg is also best.

7. A fish named Garra Rafa is used as a medical treatment at the spa. It removes the diseases of the feet called cirrhosis, mesa and coliusis!
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